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A professional chiropractor in Paris?

With its 40 years of existence, the Paris-Ouest chiropractic office is a benchmark for spinal care in Paris.

Alain Benhamou, Alexandre Petric and Benjamin Strauss chiropractors in Paris, welcome you in a charming and spacious Haussmannian office with Zen decoration.

Paris - Ouest Chiropractic office

Alain Benhamou chiropractor in Paris

Specialized in the management of neck pain. An undisputed expert in upper cervical corrections, after teaching the technique at the French chiropractic school during 10 years he now shares his knowledges by presenting seminars to his fellow chiropractors several times a year.

His favorite technique remains for forty years the “Toggle Recoil” gesture integrated into the “HIO” technique. The movement consists of an extremely rapid force precisely applied mainly to the upper cervical region.

This method treats disorders such as: dizziness, headaches, heavy head, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, cervical referred pains in the back/shoulder/skull region.

Upper cervical corrections greatly influence overall spinal balance, acting on lumbar, sacral and hip dysfunctions and pains.

Alain Benhamou Chiropractor in Paris

With 40 years of experience, Alain Benhamou, a chiropractor in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, has already been confronted with countless cases of neck pain, mid-back pain and lower back pain.

On several occasions his interventions have saved patients from spinal surgery.

Surgical interventions are never without risk and often have serious consequences.

After studying in the United States, he did not hesitate to return to school ten years later to obtain a Master's degree at Paris 13 Bobigny University in the field of sport.

As part of his studies, he will treat a semi-pro football team for several months, allowing him to validate research regarding the effectiveness of chiropractic cares on sports performance [physical and mental], particularly exercice recovery, football qualities [speed and precision] and team spirit.

This study in the form of a dissertation is available on request at the clinic.

He participated in the creation of the Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic [IFEC, formerly IFC] in 1983.

He taught technical and philosophical classes there, particularly the “Toggle-Recoil” for about ten years.

Horse riding enthusiast, Alain Benhamou practices also his chiropractic art on horses.

Many recreational horses and some racing horses suffering from joint dysfunction have benefited from chiropractic care in order to improve their balance and comfort, as well as optimizing healing and performances.

In 2002 Alain Benhamou wrote a general public book on chiropractic - "My back, my life".

The book explained in simple terms, the connection between the spine and the muscular and nervous systems, as well as the mechanical influence on overall health.

Alexandre Petric chiropractor in Paris

Graduated from the Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic (IFEC) in 2013, Alexandre Petric joined the Paris-Ouest chiropractic office shortly after.

Specialized in the care of athletes, Alexandre Petric, chiropractor in Paris 17, attends numerous seminars in order to perfect his cares of the upper limb [shoulder-elbow-wrist] and the lower limb [hip-knee-foot].

Faced with the [physical and mental] constraints encountered by triathletes, rugby players, body builders, basketball players, football players, tennis players and others, Alexandre Petric very often has a solution to offer. When several other therapies did not bring significant improvement, his motivation grows and is confirmed by his encouraging results.

Influenced by Alain Benhamou and his practice which no longer has to prove its effectiveness, Alexandre Petric perfects his mastery of cervical care with the "Toggle-Recoil" [HIO] technique.

Alexandre Petric Chiropractor in Paris

Involved in the chiropractic school [IFEC], Alexandre holds the position of educational supervisor in the student clinic in order to train future chiropractors and help them gaining confidence in their practice, by sharing his experience.

Since 2014, he has been teaching technical subjects at the IFEC to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year students.

He accompanies them throughout the years to master chiropractic spinal adjustments, the main tool for correcting spinal dysfunctions.

Since 2015 he has been teaching "HIO - Toggle-Recoil" classes with Daniel Marchand [former student of Alain Benhamou, from the first IFEC class in 1987].

Alexandre is also active in the humanitarian association "Kheir d'Afrik", helping underprivileged populations to have access to chiropractic care. He participated in missions in Africa made up of students and educational supervisors, traveling for a few weeks from village to village in order to provide chiropractic care.

In order to bring more scientific rigor to his practice, Alexandre Petric trained in research via the “Eurospine” organization.

Benjamin Strauss Chiropractor in Paris

Benjamin Strauss graduated from IFEC in 2021.

Seeking to perfect his chiropractic practice and analysis, he attended numerous seminars including that of Alain Benhamou. He was seduced by the approach proposed at the Clinic Chiropractique Paris-Ouest, which he quickly joined, due to growing demand.

In parallel with his initial training, Benjamin studied at Paris Saclay University in the field of sport and successfully obtained his university degree in preventive care for athletes, completing his therapeutic skills.

Benjamin Strauss Chiropractor in Paris

He also obtained the FIFA Football Medicine Diploma in 2020.

As soon as he left school, he was quickly consulted and integrated by the teaching team of his own training institute (IFEC) to which he continues to contribute as a clinician. He thus manages to share his passion for chiropractic by supervising and guiding future graduates.

In 2023, he joined the team of Doctor Alexis Nogier, hyper-specialized surgeon of the hip region as a consultation assistant, confirming his interest and devotion to the care of patients for all types of pain.

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